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SnS Tea Co. 
CommuniTea Fundraiser 

Our Story:

Our story begins with a young dreamer, Khayden, who found his calling in two cherished gifts: a chest of fragrant teas and a gleaming saxophone. These weren’t just presents; they were the seeds of a passion that grew into a vision. A vision where the ritual of tea drinking and the expressive tunes of the saxophone come together, creating an extraordinary escape from the ordinary.

At SnS Tea Co. LLC, we bring this vision to life. Imagine an evening where each sip of meticulously brewed tea complements the resonating notes of the saxophone, creating an ambiance that is both tranquil and exhilarating. This is where moments slow down, where connections are deepened, and where every gathering becomes an intimate celebration of the senses.

You’re not just an attendee at Sax 'n' Sip; you’re a vital part of a growing CommuniTea. A community that cherishes the beauty of simple pleasures, the warmth of shared experiences, and the unspoken bond that forms when people come together to enjoy the universal languages of music and tea.

Whether you’re seeking a moment of relaxation, an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, or simply an escape from the everyday, the Sax 'n' Sip offers a unique experience that resonates long after the last note fades. Join us in this journey of sensory exploration and be part of a story that celebrates the joy of communal harmony.

Welcome to the Sax 'n' Sip experience – a place where every sip tells a story, every note paints a picture, and every gathering is a memory in the making. Join us, and let's embrace the melody of life together.

We Need Your Help:

Your support is instrumental in bringing this vision to life. The funds raised will go towards:

  • Sourcing high-quality tea ingredients.

  • Organizing community-based Sax 'n' Sip events.

  • Expanding our reach to bring more people into our CommuniTea.

In appreciation of your support, we offer a range of rewards, each crafted to bring you closer to our world of tea and music. From personalized thank you cards and exclusive sticker packs to custom sax edits of your favorite songs, each contribution brings its own melody of gratitude.

Tiered Rewards:

  • $10 Tier: Personalized Handwritten Thank You Card.

  • $25 Tier: Exclusive Sticker Pack.

  • $50 Tier: Custom Sax Edit & Sticker Pack + Chance to Win a Private Sax 'n' Sip.

  • $100 Tier: Exclusive Tea Sampler and Personalized Sax Recording.

  • $250 Tier: Rare Tea Collection and Live Virtual Sax Concert.

  • $350 Tier: Private 'Sax 'n' Sip' in Your Home.


Note: With each higher-tier donation, you'll receive all the perks of the previous tiers as well. Your generous support unlocks more delightful experiences and rewards!

Why Support Us:

By supporting us, you're not just contributing to a business; you're nurturing a culture where music and tea serve as mediums of unity and joy. Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference and brings us closer to realizing a dream where each sip of tea and every note of music creates a story worth telling.

Join Us:

We invite you to be part of our story, to share in our passion for tea and music, and to help us create spaces where joy, harmony, and CommuniTea thrive.

Thank you for your support and belief in our mission.

Let's brew some CommuniTea together!

How Much Would You Like to Contribute to helping the SnS Tea Co. CommuniTea Grow?

Each donation amount is paired with a special gift of gratitude.

Click 'View Details' to discover the unique gifts of gratitude accompanying each donation level!

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