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What You'll Receive:

  • Exclusive Sticker Pack: A vibrant collection of music and tea-themed stickers. Perfect for jazzing up your notebooks, laptops, or anywhere you want a splash of melody and tea charm.
  • Personalized Handwritten Thank You Card: A heartfelt note penned by [Your Name/Team Member's Name], expressing our sincere gratitude for your generous support.

Why This Tier Rocks:

  • Unique Stickers: Each sticker in the pack is uniquely designed, featuring fun and creative interpretations of tea and saxophone music themes.
  • Personal Touch: Like a warm cup of tea, our handwritten card offers a personal connection that goes beyond the digital realm, making you feel part of our communiTea.
  • Collectible and Fun: These stickers aren’t just decorative; they're collectibles for tea and music lovers, symbolizing your contribution to our community-focused mission.

How Your Support Helps:

  • Contributions at this tier assist in expanding our outreach, hosting more Sax 'n' Sip sessions, and strengthening our community bonds through music and tea.

Additional Details:

  • Please make sure to provide your mailing address for the delivery of your sticker pack and thank you card.
  • Anticipate receiving your rewards within 10 Days after the campaign's conclusion.
  • The picture for this product is an AI generated placeholder image, stickers designs will vary.



A Big Thank You! Your support is instrumental in helping us bring people together through the universal languages of tea and music. We're thrilled to have you on this journey with us!

$25 Tier

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