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🎶 $100 Tier: Exclusive Custom Tea Sampler & Musical Serenade 🎶


Absolutely! Here's a description for the $100 tier:

🎶 $100 Tier: Exclusive Custom Tea Sampler & Musical Serenade 🎶

What You'll Receive:

  • Custom Tea Sampler: A specially curated selection of our finest teas, each blend crafted to provide a unique tasting experience. This exclusive sampler isn't available anywhere else!
  • Personalized Saxophone Serenade: A digital recording of a saxophone piece, specially performed for you. Choose your favorite song or let us surprise you with a melodious selection.

Why It's Exceptional:

  • A Taste of Exclusivity: Experience the flavors of our signature teas, handpicked for their quality and taste.
  • Musical Magic: Enjoy the soothing and soulful sax tunes, bringing a touch of harmony to your tea time.
  • The Perfect Pairing: Discover the delightful synergy between our artisan teas and soothing saxophone music.

Your Impact:

  • Your generous donation helps us move forward with crucial aspects of our business, from enhancing our tea production to expanding our musical repertoire.

Bonus Chance:

  • As a token of our appreciation, every donation at this tier also enters you into a raffle for a chance to win a private 'Sax 'n' Sip' event for you and up to 4 guests.


  • Please specify your tea preferences and song choice in the donation details.
  • Delivery timeline for the tea sampler and digital serenade will be communicated post-campaign.

A Heartfelt Thank You: Your support at this level is not just about the tea or the music; it's about fostering a community that cherishes both. Thank you for being a vital part of our communiTea journey!


$100 Tier

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