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🌟 $250 Tier: Tea Connoisseur Collection & Exclusive Sax Experience 🌟

What You'll Receive:

  • Tea Connoisseur Collection: A premium selection of our rarest and most exquisite teas. This collection includes limited edition blends and single-origin teas, each offering a unique story and flavor profile.
  • Live Virtual Sax Performance: A private, live saxophone performance just for you, streamed online. Choose your preferred songs or leave it to us for a surprise setlist that complements your tea tasting journey.

Why It's Extraordinary:

  • Rare Tea Treasures: Explore the depths of fine teas with blends that are as rare as they are delicious, perfect for the discerning tea lover.
  • Personalized Music Session: Experience the magic of live music tailored to your tastes, enhancing your tea experience to new heights.
  • A Journey of Senses: Unite the aromas of exceptional teas with the melodies of the saxophone for a sensory experience like no other.

Your Impact:

  • Your generous support at this tier significantly boosts our efforts in sourcing unique teas and expanding our musical offerings, all while nurturing our communiTea.

Special Bonus:

  • As an added thank you, your donation enters you into an exclusive draw to win an in-person 'Sax 'n' Sip' event for you and your friends.


  • Please provide your preferences for tea and music upon donating.
  • We'll coordinate with you to schedule the live sax performance.

With Gratitude: Your involvement at this level is a testament to your love for the finer things in life. Thank you for helping us weave a tapestry of taste and tunes in our communiTea!

$250 Tier

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